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Inspired by the truth


Olio Verdad's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fresh quality you can taste. Our product is a staple for the health conscience cook and for those who are looking to re-vamp their diets opting for a more clean-eating experience.  Extra virgin olive oil is a much more healthy choice in cooking and takes the place of other cooking oils very well which is where the inspiration came from. The high demand for healthier substitutes in cooking and conscience eating became our business. Our Job was to produce an olive oil that can be used in many ways rather than just one which is why our single variety of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a versatile oil great for cooking, complimenting a salad, or as a table appetizer for dipping.  


Verdad means truth in Spanish and the truth is always important. Olio Verdad's E.V.O.O (extra virgin olive oil) is high grade quality and authentic olive oil. A handful of years ago in 2011 we planted our grove of Arbequina olives with the intention to produce genuine E.V.O.O that tastes delicious with natural flavors without compromising the essence of the fruit. Olio Verdad is seal certified with the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)  which signifies the highest standard of quality available to American consumers and is true extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides and are managed with care making sure each tree is receiving sufficient water through drip irrigation. Within a couple of hours of being harvested the olives are carefully transported to a trusted local press to be cold pressed with absolutely no additives giving the oil its intended natural, rich earthy flavor.



The integrity of our oil speaks for itself. Our current variety of Arbequina olives derives originally from Palestine and was introduced to Spain and Europe in the 17th century.  Today the Olive flourishes all throughout the world including California. The San Joaquin Valley of California is ideal for growing produce. With Mediterranean style weather and soil compared to that of the rich soils of the fertile crescent in the Middle East, the valley here in California is a perfect place to grow this ancient fruit. It is our job to make sure that our oils natural character stays intact, by never compromising the integrity of the oil and the process in which it takes for it to be certified as authentic E.V.O.O. in the state of California. We uphold the distinguished standards measured by the C.O.O.C (California Olive Oil Council) and keep parallel to the high standards of gourmet kitchens to world renowned chefs.


Olio Verdad is not your "run-of-the-press" type of oil nor will it ever be. Believe us when we say our olive oil is unlike any oil of its kind. In previous years we were sought after by one of the best leading oil producers here in Northern California. With help from them we decided to produce Olio Verdad and with gratitude we strive to deliver satisfaction guaranteed by the hard work we put into making it the epitome of what true Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be.